Reach your Audience - Multi-channel Publishing

Workflow - Design, Capture, Apply

This session will cover the concept of Single-source Design as well as how to establish and maintain a powerful authoring and publishing workflow for both large and small writing teams.

Specializing for your deliverable

This session will examine various strategies for producing content deliverables for your end-users. In addition to reviewing different output formats ranging from PDF to Wiki, you will learn ways to minimize the effort required for creating additional channels of delivery to your end users.

Know your Audience - Web Analytics

Google Analytics

In this session you will learn techniques for producing content that can be easily analyzed using Google Analytics and website metrics. With this type of analysis solution, you can passively determine what content is most and least valued by your end-users and better understand how they are using your documentation.

Learn how to incorporate surveys into your online documentation.

Empower your Audience - Leveraging the Internet

Google Search integration

Want to learn how to give your users the ability to use Google Search for your published help docs? This session will go through the steps necessary, including how to use the latest release of ePublisher to easily enable this functionality.

FaceBook Like, Commenting

See how to incorporate your own or a third-party commenting service into your online docs.

Keep pace with your Audience

Updating Stationery plus coding overrides

Dive in deep into working with Stationery. This session will also cover how to manage your own custom code overrides within the Stationery as well as migrating overrides between releases of ePublisher.

Automation and integration

Learn how to setup AutoMap and automate all your publishing requirements. This session will also cover using AutoMap in conjunction with other systems that may be a part of your content management and publishing system.